Affiliate Disclaimer

This Affiliate Disclaimer is an integral part of our Legal Terms  and refers to your responsibility about the AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE.

Our service consists of video hosting and sharing platform.


As our customer, you are required to abide by the international regulations, the FTC requirements(law) and by our company policy,  regarding the Affiliate Disclosure.

NOTE: The FTC guidelines are law; everyone is legally obliged to disclose their affiliations.

Anyone who endorses brands or products of other companies and gets compensation in any way needs to have an affiliate disclosure statement. This includes affiliate marketing, endorsements, reviews, sponsored posts, sensational claims, and influencer campaigns, as well as videos.

More precisely, whenever you add affiliate links in a blog post, in marketing videos, on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or elsewhere, you need to disclose any affiliation.

You must clearly disclose if you have ever received any type of compensation like commission, advertising fees, free products, discounts, or any other kind of special privileges from the merchant(s).

You agree to abide by our legal Terms, and by this Affiliate Disclaimer Agreement and agree that AIOP Video  and All In One profits® Company cannot be held responsible  in any way and in any circumstances for the promotion of affiliate materials for any program or company,  through the content you upload on our website or the comments you may post to other users’ content.

You agree that we cannot be held liable in any way for external affiliate links, or links that lead to our website when you post your videos on other places.

You agree and acknowledge that you must  abide by the Federal Trade Commission( FTC) law that has effect outside the USA territory as long as your content is available to USA citizens, and you must add an Affiliate Disclosure in a visible place on your  description or video hosted on our website,  and you are solely responsible for the relationship between you as affiliate and the merchant you promote, or any third-party. The FTC recommends specifying your affiliation as close as possible to the affiliate link.

The above requirement and agreement also apply to UK and Canda, not only to the USA.
As long as our video hosting platform is opened worldwide, accessible to visitors from the above countries, it does not matter where you are located, you must add an Affiliate Disclosure to your Content.

Sometimes,  the affiliates may not know or simply willingly ignore the requirement of an Affiliate Disclosure.

We reserve the right to block and/or remove any customer account which endangers the AIOP Video and the company by circumventing the Affiliate Disclosure requirement. 

In such an event,  we reserve the right to pursue legal actions and fine you for the damages produced to AIOP Video and to our company.

You can find more information about the importance of the Affiliate Disclosure on the Community Guidelines section.


AIOP Video is a video hosting service for our clients.

You may find videos of our customers promoting various opportunities where they get compensation for promoting as affiliates or independent contractors.

You should do your own due diligence, refer to the author of the content promotion, get information before making any purchase through an affiliate offer.

Sometimes, some affiliates may not know or simply willingly ignore the requirement of an Affiliate Disclosure.

We are not responsible in any way and you cannot hold us liable for any information, offer, claim, suggestion, JV proposal, or anything that constitutes an affiliate or vendor offers in the customers’ content.

You agree that you cannot hold us liable in any circumstances for any loss.

You cannot hold us responsible for missing the Affiliate Disclosure on any of the content promoted as an affiliate offer by the customers using our service for their business or any other promotion they do.

If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions of use you may contact us
by email using our Customer Support.

By Phone: +17029972417

Last updated Oct-20-2019