Content Standards Policy

Important Note:

This policy exists in addition to the Prohibited Uses provision of the AIOP Video Legal Terms and Conditions of Use.

By using our services you acknowledge, accept and agree to all our Terms which include the Content Policy.

In good faith and only with good intentions we aim to help our customers to use their content without annoying ads and commercials interrupting, to help our customers hosting and sharing their videos. 

That is why we prohibit content that may harm our domain and customers' video distribution.

At the same time, we believe that the Internet should be a safe place for everyone. We also believe that context is important. That’s why we try to avoid removing content that is educational, scientific, or artistic in nature.

If you violate this policy and any of our Terms of Service, your account may be suspended or terminated.

If you have concerns about your content and videos, please contact our  Customer Support with your questions.  We will give you an honest answer about your material and advise you whether or you should post or upload it.



  • Spam, misleading metadata, and scams

  • Content Copyrighted by third-party and third-party content protected by Trade Mark

  • Content that breaches other people privacy and data protection

  • Content that violates any law or regulation.

  • Contains or depicts nudity, is sexually explicit, or advertises erotic services. This includes pornographic content and content that promotes escort services, erotic massage, fetish fulfillment, or strip clubs.

  • Content that promotes seduction coaching or pickup artist techniques.

  • Content that promotes or depicts violence in a gratuitous and non-fictional manner including but not limited to war footage, animal cruelty, self-harm, or gore.

  • Harassment and cyberbullying content through  abusive videos and comments

  • Content that promotes terrorist organizations, whether or not violence is depicted.

  • Content that incites hatred or displays discrimination and a demeaning attitude toward a group based on age, disability, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

  • Content that impersonates other people



The content that is Accepted consists of videos, descriptions, and comments that do not violate any of the content rules described above in the Prohibited Content section.

  • Content that is your own and is original.

  • Content for which you have the copyrighter acceptance or reuse license

  • Content that abides by all laws and regulations, including abides by our Legal Terms of Use

  • Content that is suitable for most, if not all, audiences

  • Content that promotes helpful services or products

  • Content that  showcases your business concept or company culture, in an appropriate manner

  • Content that is decent, educational and helpful for people



We provide 3 channels for content reporting.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Each case will be considered in context, using the above guidelines to determine whether or not the content should be removed.

If you believe that the content uploaded on AIOP Video  is infringing,  possible violating or abusing  our Content Standards Policy,  or any of the provisions in our Legal Terms of Use you can contact us at:

Customer Support




Last Updated: 2019-10-20