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Date Uploaded: 11/08/2019

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A billionaire wants to give you money. Why? Because he genuinely wants to help people worldwide who are economically disadvantaged. Just giving away a billion will only help so many people for a very short time. So he has chosen to put his money into a platform that will disrupt the profit models of the internet giants like facebook, google and youtube. Facebook makes over 80 billion in revenue every year and never shares any of that money with a user of facebook.

This new platform has many incredible services that we not only benefit from, but get paid to use. We also are paid for multi-generations of referrals. And we are paid when we do nothing. Right now the rewards given by the billionaire's non profit foundation are minimal, but when the advertising part of the platform is put in place in a few weeks, ALL of the revenue generated from companies advertising are given back to the members using his platform. And it is free to be a member.

The more members that join, the more the advertising to companies and individuals will cost, . . . and the more money that will be distributed among all the members of the community. When members are given more money, they will want to refer more members in their family tree. More members means more ad revenue which leads to more money given out. The income keeps increasing as the membership increases.

And once again to be a member costs you nothing. Join this movement, use the amazing technology that is being provided free and start getting paid daily. When you join my team you get resources than no one else has. Go to and click on the button to become a free member. Then go to to view an on demand webinar that will go over all the ways you are paid and all the other benefits of this platform. I have been in marketing almost 40 years and I have never seen anything like this. You don't want to miss out on a movement that will impact the world by changing your world. Once again, click on the button at


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