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Date Uploaded: 11/20/2020

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It's Worlds First Smart Contract In Binary Model.

The Most sustainable and fully DECENTRALIZED 100% TRON Smart Contract Binary support model , based on smart contract technology ✅

The TRON BINARY Smart Contract is designed to provide everyone with an independent, financial foundation based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology.

It's Worlds First Smart Contract In Binary Model

By DEPOSITING TRX into the fund (contract address) you activate the program and will RECEIVE 300 % back, distributed accordingly to the Contract algorithm.

TRONBINARY is 100% decentralized and community-based; there are no additional profits made in the system, it is a P2P support model which insures fairness, transparency and justice for all.

There are no mediators or intermediaries, no owners, no company or human interaction, effectively guaranteeing the fairness of all participating partners according to the rules of the Smart Contract.

It is the most reasonable, safest, and best cutting-edge financial SUPPORT model available at this time.

Enter TRON BINARY by depositing a minimum of 100TRX to the Fund.

You are now eligible to receive 300% of your DEPOSIT back

(example: 100TRX in, 300 TRX out).

300% return is returned in 4 ways
(1 passive and 2 via marketing)

when 300 % is accumulated through any of the 3 ways, a new deposit must be made equal or greater to continue receiving from the fund.

✅1% Daily return on your Deposit (maximum 300 days), 100% Passive.

✅5 % Direct Referral Commission From Level 1 , 3 % commissions From Level 2 , 2 % Commissions From Level 3 for Sharing and Growing the Community Fund

✅Daily 10 Percent Binary matching Commissions based on Partners Daily business volume in his/her left and right leg

Matching is done in 1:1 ratio

Unused Volume Is carried fwd next day

To Start getting binary matching income , one must be binary qualified by sponsoring one minimum 100 TRX sale on left and one minimum 100 TRX sale on right

*TRON BINARY is a community-based project, 100% decentralized, P2P transactions through Smart Contract.

*Each Deposit Cycle is 300%

*When 300% is received, a new deposit must be made to continue earning / receiving from any of the 3 ways

*Minimum entry is 100TRX, open to all participants, no restrictions.

*Each participation of above 1000 TRX will get double amount of Trx binary token as a bonus ( TRB )

Example: If you deposit 1000 Trx , immediately you will get 2000 trb token to your trx wallet as a bonus also
Remember: That for 1 billion Trx first deposit.

*No referrals required in order to receive. 1% pays out daily to all members, 100% passive. Join today. Do not be left behind.

What's Tronbinary token ?

Total supply: 3 Billion Token

TRONBINARY TOKEN is Defi project

TRON BINARY Token is designed to provide everyone with an independent, financial foundation based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology.

TRONBINARY token will be listed on Many top Exchanges with target starting price $0.01 we target go to $ 10 after 2 years.

TRONBINARY token will be used for Blockchain Gaming.
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