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Date Uploaded: 08/21/2021

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Tapestri Free App & Affiliate Program Review.

Tapestri is a free app anyone can:
1. Download from Android or Apple Store
2. install on their cellular device.
3. Allow it run like any other app on your device, and
4. Get paid up to $25 monthly. That is it.
Nothing to buy or sell, nothing to spend out of pocket.

Tapestri app users (customers) can earn up to $25 per month on the device location data collected and they can increase their monthly cash by inviting friends to use the app.

There is the option to become a Tapestri Affiliate, which will open up more earning possibilities for you.

If you are not a Tapestri Free User (customer) or Tapestri Affiliate yet,
come grow with us. Use this link to secure your spot,
then share, share and share: http://trckapp.com/r/tapestriapp



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