How To Copy ShareTheFunnel Campaign.

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By: briandavis

Date Uploaded: 10/11/2019

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In this video I show you how to copy my sharethefunnel campaign.

Share the funnel can be used by anyone in AIOP regardless of upline.

Send this video to your new AIOP members and let the duplication grow.

here's a shorten url"

You'll also want to reload the campaign often. I'm constantly adding


Brian Davis



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briandavis 10/20/2019

If you're using sharethefunnel to build your AIOP team, send you new PAID AIOP member this video.

Personally I wait until the new member ask me for it. Every serious AIOP builder wants to get their direct referrals going as fast as possible.

The sad truth, is that many will join your AIOP team and do absolutely nothing.

leaddog 10/20/2019 Reply to briandavis

Thank you Brian!

briandavis 10/23/2019 Reply to leaddog

You're welcome, thank you.

briandavis 02/07/2020

I've added several pages

briandavis 02/08/2020 Reply to briandavis