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Alllow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Rydstedt. I reside in Southwest Missouri and am a full-time marketer. I am founder of the Money Machine Dream System. MMDS is a system that allows you to build 3 streams of income, including AIOP, for an initial cost of just $9. For that low amount you get access to a video capture page system that connects prospects to a very compelling webinar that does all the selling for you. Included in that low price is membership in 3 residual programs. If you would like to see the webinar go to

One of those programs gives you free cash daily. It is free to join. To join and see an on demand webinar outlining all the many benefits of this free program go to

If you have questions about any of the above you can call me at 417 929 1895 or email me at


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